Fat removal: Aqualyx

Body Aesthetic

What is about?

Medical treatment to remove localized adiposities by injecting a micro-gelatinous biocompatible and reabsorbable solution called deoxycholic acid. Aqualyx is injected directly into the fatty cellular tissue (intralipotherapy technique) and acts as a detergent destroying the adipocyte and removing the localized fat. It is suitable to treat the abdomen, thighs fat, inner thighs, knees and flanks.


The number of sessions depends on the response of each patient, but it is customary to perform between 2 and 5 Aqualyx sessions to obtain good results. The sessions should be performed with an approximate interval of one month. Between sessions, it is recommended to perform lymphatic drainage treatments or ultrasound.


The results are obtained after the first sessions. After the treatment, it is common the development of oedema and to have the symptoms of heat, stinging or blushing, and even to have hematomas. These side effects last about a week, depending on the response of each patient.