Solar lentigos

Blemishes treatments

What are they?

They are oval, flat and brown spots, completely flat which are located in areas that have been exposed to the sun, especially on the face, neck, back of the hands, arms and legs. Their appearance is directly related to excessive sun exposure. The use of cosmetics fails to make them disappear.


We use the 755 nanometres laser that has affinity with melanin and acts on the spots as an eraser. Only one session is needed to remove them, the treatment duration depends on the number of spots.


Laser causes the complete blemish disappearance. After the treatment, a small scab will appear which will fall after a week. Later, the skin will have a slight redness that will last a few days and, finally, the skin will be clean and there will be no sign of blemishes.

If there were differences in the colour tone of the skin after removing the blemishes, you can unify the tone with a fractional laser session.