Stretch marks

Scars and stretch marks removal

Treatment will depend on the colour of the stretch marks:

Red stretch marks:
Recent stretch marks, showing a reddish tone and being still in the healing phase have a good treatment with the new fractional laser Icon 1540 that we usually combined with the pulsed dye laser, a vascular laser that helps eliminate redness in the stretch mark. Icon fractional laser emits thousands of tiny beams of light that penetrate the skin using columns of laser energy in order to remove damaged skin cells and to stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin. Another effect that is observed is the repigmentation of the treated areas, since in the reorganization of the tissue there is a new system of melanocytes, which gives a new more homogeneous colouring.

Sessions and Results

An average of 4 sessions is needed for successful results and, although they are visible almost from the beginning, it is necessary to wait about 3 months to complete the treatment, when the tissue completes its reorganization. The stretch mark fades to almost disappear and it improves dramatically the appearance of the skin.

Pearly stretch marks:
They are stretch marks that have already healed. They are treated with Erbium getting very good results. You can also combine the treatment with the Icon laser, which cannot be more than 0.5 cm diameter.

Sessions and Results

The results are visible in medium term, after several treatment sessions. The number of sessions depends on the thickness of the stretch mark, on the area being treated and on the amount of stretch marks. The white stretch marks fade but they never disappear completely.