Hyaluronic acid injections



Facial wrinkles can be corrected by cosmetic fillings with re-absorbable substances. The most effective substances for the treatment of static facial wrinkles are hyaluronic acid derivatives. It is a simple and safe technique performed by injecting the product into skin specific points. The effect is immediate and there is no reason to step away from working life.

Indications and results

Facial wrinkles treatment, such as those on the forehead, on the cheeks, around the eyes, the nasolabial furrow or the vertical lip lines. The lines are smoothed and a more youthful appearance is achieved. The results are even better if these filling materials are combined with botox and bioplasty. The results last between six months and one year.

This treatment can be combined with other techniques such as mesotherapy or hyaluronic acid injections to achieve an overall rejuvenation.