Fractional lasers


What is about?

Fractional lasers have been a major breakthrough in rejuvenation techniques since they are able to treat tone, texture, wrinkles, scars and imperfections with high efficiency, with little discomfort and minimal recovery time. Fractional lasers treat a percentage of the facial skin in each session, so that the healthy skin helps to restore quickly the skin that has been affected. The most interesting detail about this type of laser is that it is possible to customize the treatment based on the degree of skin aging. In Clínica Ordás , we work with Icon platform with several applications that we use depending on each patient needs.

Indications and results

General Rejuvenation: smoothes wrinkles and imperfections and improves the skin texture and face, chest and hands brightness. It is the first laser approved by the FDA for the treatment of stretch marks.

The rejuvenation will be even greater if it is combined with other treatments such as botox or facial mesotherapy.