Blemishes treatments

What is it?

They are map-shaped spots that usually appear on cheekbones, forehead and upper lip. The reasons for its appearance are unknown, but there are other factors involved such as contraceptive use, hormonal factors such as pregnancy, and other genetic and even emotional causes. This type of blemishes is not related to sun exposure, though the sun worsens their look.


Double peeling, a skin depigmentation agents custom combination that, thanks to its intensive action, removes the upper layers of the epidermis and renews it. The treatment begins at the doctor’s office with the application of a mask and it continues at home for about three weeks using a cosmetic treatment prescribed at the Clinic. Some melasmas respond well to the fractional laser treatment, but it is necessary to study every specific case.


After the treatment, the skin layers are replaced with new ones of younger looking and better texture, and the blemishes are much more blurred. Keep in mind that if we do not eliminate the causes of melasma, it might reappear.