Varicose veins



The right treatment for the larger veins that are not suitable for laser treatment is the sclerotherapy for varicose veins. It is a non-surgical outpatient treatment. The technique consists in injecting, with small gauge needles, into a vein the chemical sclerosing solution with microfoam producing an internal vein irritation and leading to its disappearance. All the steps of the treatment are performed under ultrasound guidance, which allows the visualisation on a screen of how the treated vein is reacting. The treatment is painless and requires no anaesthesia; the patient can return to his/her normal life immediately thereafter.


It depends on the size of the treated veins. For not very thick veins, only one session is necessary but if there were many vascular lesions, the treatment will have to last at least two sessions since it is only possible to inject a certain amount of medicine. The vein disappears forever.