big-coaching Coaching is a Systematic Process of self-awareness, development and growth of people, thus resulting into a greater physical well-being, personal satisfaction and performance improvement. It is based on multidisciplinary conceptual basis and on the results of experience, research and application in the different areas of a person’s life: Work, Family, Love and Friends, all of which affect the Personal Care from the psychological, emotional and physiological or psychosomatic point of view. The actions of everyday situations of people can be visible in the body, causing a favourable or unfavourable response and generating physical and emotional reactions that interact with each other through behaviours, habits and bodily actions. When these everyday situations exceed the tolerance or anxiety level, it becomes a stressful situation. When stress generates a physiological reaction to an individual, it is advisable to identify the four factors involved in the generation of such a reaction (Chandler and Maurer, 1996): 1. External factors or stressors affecting the individual. 2. The perception that the individual has of himself and of his reaction to the stressors. 3. The impact of stress on the areas of performance of the individuals. 4. The behaviour adopted by the individual to fit the stressful situation. The discipline of “Wellness coaching” works with the four factors plus the neurological factor and the interaction among them, seeking to identify the drivers of behaviour and the beliefs that underlie their behaviours and that cause adaptive responses that are harmful to the individual. The emotion on which humans focus will have consequences on the physical body, since the emotion is an action in movement and affects directly our immune system.
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