The Clinic


Clínica Ordás is a medical centre in Dermatology and Plastic Surgery specialised in the use of lasers as a therapeutic tool. For over 30 years we offer a full service of dermatology both to solve skin problems and to improve our appearance and prevent aging.

Having a young, healthy, well cared and unblemished skin is possible, thanks to our extensive knowledge of safe, effective and minimally invasive techniques. Our wide experience and diversity of latest techniques allow us to offer real and effective solutions for almost any skin pathology caused by photoaging.

Our most demanded treatments are blemishes of any kind removal, our technique to treat dark circles with laser and laser Resurfacing, a programme of intense skin rejuvenation.

Dr. Fernando Ordás pioneered the dermatological use of laser in Spain and he is one of the most renowned professionals in the field, regular speaker at major Conferences of Dermatology.