Zone Diet

What is it?

The Zone Diet is a healthy eating method, created by the American biochemist Barry Sears to keep fit, to maintain an optimal weight and improve physical and mental performance. The Zone is based on the hormone regulation through:

  • The control of glucose and insulin levels, providing in every meal the right proportions of carbohydrate (40%), protein (30%) and fat (30%).

  • Daily intake of Omega 3 fatty acids, essential for improving the lipid profile (reduction of the total cholesterol levels, LDL cholesterol, triglycerides and increase of the “good” HDL cholesterol).

There are no forbidden foods since we learn how to take them in the right proportions for the body. It is a type of diet easy to follow even when eating away from home.


The Zone diet is very individualized since each person requires a different nutritional value depending on his/her needs (weight, height, physical exercise …). The nutritionist is also responsible for “educating” the patient in his/her new way of eating, of combining foods and the necessary amounts based on the body fat, the lean mass and the physical activity performed.

In general, it is recommended five daily meals, three major and two snacks without missing in no case more than five hours between each meal.


  • The appropriate weight for each person is obtained. The first month following the Zone diet, the average weight loss is three-four kilos.

  • Cholesterol and triglycerides levels become normal.

  • The glucose and insulin levels are controlled.

  • It slows down the aging. It increases our antioxidant capacity reason why the action of free radicals responsible for skin aging is reduced.

To whom

  • Athletes:
    Barry Sears studied the effects of the Zone with the swim team at Stanford University who competed at the Olympics in Barcelona ’92. They got nine medals. The Zone gets to reduce the fat mass and to increase the muscle mass and therefore to improve the performance of athletes.
  • Diabetics:
    Insulin levels are controlled properly.
  • Patients with heart disease:
    A high level of insulin is the main risk factor for heart disease. Therefore, the eating method of the Zone reduces and prevents the risk of attacks and strokes.